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If you’ve never seen a DarkMatter2525 video then you’re missing out. This one, in particular, is a gem. One of the best stories from the Bible (you know, that collection of writing that is the infallible words of the almighty creator of the universe…) told by a man whose perception of it isn’t clouded by self-imposed religious idiocy. Watch the video, it’s fantastic.

And billions of people actually believe this shit to be the inerrant words of the almighty creator of the universe. Seriously.

The little gods of limited people.

Have a good look at the map below. There are two shapes on that map: a circle and an irregular area around the circle. Look at it. Compare it to the rest of the map. Think about the scale of that little circle. I’ve driven the distance equal to the diameter of that circle in less than a day.

The massive expanse covered by middle-eastern religions.

The massive expanse covered by middle-eastern religions.

That little circle encloses every action the god of the Christians, Jews and Muslims ever performed on earth. Every prophet he chose came from inside that circle. Every personal appearance, inside that circle. Every burning bush, stone tablet, wrestling match, unexpected darkness and alleged zombie horde – right inside that little circle.

The irregular shape around the circle? Inside it is every place mentioned in the Bible. Most of the mentioning occurring after the god-man Jesus allegedly – ‘bodily’ – flew into heaven.

Think about that for a bit. That little circle is the totality of the history of three major religions followed by billions of people today. Inside that little circle when the almighty creator of the universe visited? Mostly desert. Mostly populated by illiterate goat herders. Possibly the best place in the world to magically appear so that – conveniently – no reliable, believable evidence could survive, even if there was any.

The creator of the universe, after trillions and trillions of years of existence, after handily creating the entire universe and everything in it in 6 days, picks that little circle as the stage for literally everything he is ever going to do on this earth. Omnipotent, omnipresent god doesn’t show himself to everybody on the planet at once – well within the power of the almighty creator of the universe, surely. He doesn’t choose to reveal himself to the Chinese who were literate and could reliably record his appearance. He doesn’t reveal himself to the aborigines in Australia, the Inca’s in South America, the  Inuit in North America, the many tribes of Europe. No, he picks only one small blot of the map of earth and reveals himself to bronze age goat herders. He does everything he’s ever going to do in that little blot and then leaves, never to be seen again.

Sound legit? Can any thinking person honestly make a case for this? It’s so hideously obvious that it’s bullshit… words fail me.

This quote comes to mind, recently and more often than it should:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about th’universe!

Often attributed to Albert Einstein but it probably wasn’t said by him. True though. So much stupidity. So much.

I still marvel at the abject stupidity that claims that Genesis (and the rest of the Bible) is literally true. It isn’t and people’s inexplicable infantile wishes that it is… words elude me.

Of course, there are those who have invented their own religions and agree that Genesis and vast swathes of the Bible are not, in fact, literally true but that there still is a masochistic-sadistic sky fairy who had himself tortured and killed … to appease himself. Why? Why did he torture and kill himself if there was no Adam and Eve? Flaming idiots.

Easter. Seriously.

Jesus and the Easter bunny.

Jesus. Because believing in the Easter Bunny is just silly.

So. Easter. I wasn’t going to bother writing about it but here I am. The idiocy is so thick in the air I just can’t help myself.

Easter. What is it?

It’s a mid-spring pagan festival co-opted by Christianity, pretty much like every other Christian holiday and ritual. Yea, Christians, followers of the most unoriginal creator of the universe imaginable, might (or might not) be surprised to know that the whole death and resurrection thing is in fact quite a bit older than the badly recorded travesty that they’re fawning over this weekend – where I am forced to see it. And be reminded of just how much ridiculousness people actually claim to believe. (Edit: check out Easter isn’t a Christian holiday either at Atheism Resource)

So, the plagiarism aside, what’s Christian Easter about? Let me tell you.

Easter is the celebration of the torture, execution, temporary ‘death’ and resurrection of the human incarnation of the creator of the universe. The omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent creator of the universe, God if you will, needed to have himself tortured and temporarily killed by his errant creations so that he could be convinced to create a loop-hole in the rules he created himself so that he could be convinced to forgive his creations for being the way he created them, having known how they would turn out before he created them, so that he wouldn’t be forced by himself to torture them for eternity.

Seriously. It’s THAT ludicrous. I have some questions:

  • God is omnipotent – why didn’t he just forgive people without having himself tortured and temporarily killed?
  • God is omniscient – if he knows everything to be known, he knows he’s going to be resurrected less than 72 hours later. How is that a sacrifice? It’s not even an inconvenience for an almighty super being.
  • God is omnibenevolent – why does he torture people for eternity?
  • God is omnipotent – why not just unmake Satan?
  • God is omniscient – if he knows a person is going to be bad before he creates them and that he will be torturing them for eternity… how is that unlike breeding cats for the sole purpose of burning them alive?

Dear merciful Christ, why are people so incredibly stupid? But thanks for the public holidays, appreciate it.

Always! Be awesome.


Prayer: this time will be just as effective as last time. For sure.

Prayer: this time will be just as effective as last time. For sure.

I wasn’t going to write about this again. Not this soon anyway but somebody reminded me of the dumb fuckery that is currently trending on Twitter. Even though this latest bout of idiocy is inspired by the happenings in London (#prayforlondon), please feel free to apply this to any situation what so ever that the religionuts feel should be prayed over.

Right, so, “pray for <insert some disaster area here>”. Examples: pray for London, pray for Christchurch, pray for Japan, pray for Haiti.

Why should one pray, after the fact, for the victims of a disaster? Do you expect the God you pray to is going to magically fix things, after the fact? Why is this God going to do this? To demonstrate his awesome? To demonstrate how kind and good he is? Will this time be different?

No you fucking idiot. He isn’t going to do a goddamn thing. Just like he didn’t do a goddamn thing any other times he was prayed to by you pious morons. Do you know why?  Because he doesn’t exist. You are talking to yourself. There, is, no, god. Not yours, not the ancient Greek’s, the Romans’, the Norse, the Africans, no gods at all, anywhere, ever.

However, if, hypothetically, there was a god, the Christian one for example (but feel free to replace ‘Jesus’ with whichever figment of your imagination you prefer): if Jesus needs to be told about whichever tragedy just happened, he isn’t omniscient and therefore is not a god. If he knew about it and caused it, Jesus is an evil mass murdering bastard. If he knew about it and he was able to stop it but didn’t, he’s criminally negligent. If he wasn’t able to stop it, he’s not a god. Why, exactly, are you praying? What are you asking for? What is wrong in your head?

Let me tell you what praying is really all about (to borrow from one of my earlier posts). Praying is something you do so that you can feel and look like you’ve done something without actually having to do anything. Telling people to pray for whatever tragedy is primarily to flaunt your precious pious disposition, to impress others with how freaking much you believe in your deity and how little your brain actually functions.

Praying is exactly like wanking. When you get right down to it, wanking is only good for the person stroking his dick. Some people get off on seeing somebody wank in public and other people get off by wanking in little groups or large groups but fundamentally, only the wanker really benefits.

Again, this is why I am irritated. Watching people tell other people to ‘pray for whatever’ is like watching one wanker, furiously whacking away, telling a bunch of other wankers to join him.

Praying is exactly like that. Only the idiot mumbling to himself benefits while the victims of the tragedy benefit nothing what so ever. The only one better off after a good ‘ol prayer is the idiot who did the praying. In fact, wanking would probably be more productive than praying.

So instead of mumbling some inane bullshit to a non-existent figment of your imagination, give some money to the Red Cross here: http://www.redcross.org.nz/donations or give some money to Oxfam here: http://www.oxfam.org.nz/donate-online or to Amnesty international here: http://www.amnesty.org/en/donate

Then go tell a real person you love them, stop being a pious dick and learn some science. THAT makes the world better.

I don’t really have all that much more to say about that. Surely you people are able to do two simple things: 1) Read, 2) Think. Surely?

Well, luckily for you, people exist to make even those two things simpler. After you read this, say a quick thanks to Darryl Cunningham for making it so simple then apologise to the other people who’s lives you’ve endangered for no good reason.



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I bet Mr. Andrew Wakefield didn’t see this vast explosion of idiocy coming either. He did it for money, what’s your excuse?

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