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Census 2013 – religious diversity

New Zealand: Census 2013 – religious diversity – a post by Open Parachute

The short? Less than 50% of my country identify as Christian and nearly 40% identify with ‘no religion’.

By the next census, it seems the non-religious will outnumber the Christians and by the following one, probably all religions.

Tick tock religion. Tick tock.

Oh, hi!

Hello my lovelies. Having taken a several-month hiatus from posting I think I’m about ready to get back into it.

Between a pretty scary amount of work I have been (and still are) swamped with at the office, it’s been difficult to focus on blogging or anything else at all. Having lost all respect for Rebecca Watson, PZ Myers, Matt Dilahunty and the atheist/skeptical community in general not so long ago has also put a massive dent in my motivation. The whole ‘elevator gate’, Freethought Blogs and Atheism+ thing completely disillusioned me with the atheist/skeptical community. It’s a sad thing; things seemed to be going so well…

I think I’m over it now. I’ve accepted that most people, including a great many ‘rational’ atheists are self serving fucktards and I should be a bit more careful about who I hand my respect to. So I’ll just do that then.

Anyway, new year, new start. I’ve just come back from an epic holiday with my wife, refreshed and ready to rock. I’ll see how things go when I get back to work but right now, this very minute, I am in the mood for writing. Hopefully it stays with me and I get back into a regular posting routine.

Be totally awesome good people of the internets, we’ll talk soon.

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