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Start watching at 17 seconds…

Precisely so Masuka. Precisely so. Science does not care about your feelings. Science does not care about your beliefs. Science does not care about your hopes and dreams. Science only cares about the truth, about what is fact, and what is. Feelings, beliefs, hopes and dreams be damned.

If you’ve never seen a DarkMatter2525 video then you’re missing out. This one, in particular, is a gem. One of the best stories from the Bible (you know, that collection of writing that is the infallible words of the almighty creator of the universe…) told by a man whose perception of it isn’t clouded by self-imposed religious idiocy. Watch the video, it’s fantastic.

And billions of people actually believe this shit to be the inerrant words of the almighty creator of the universe. Seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen, the incredible, Mr. Tim Minchin! Genius. Absolute, genius. That is all.

A talk by Richard Dawkins at Google. There isn’t much more to say than “Richard Dawkins is awesome”. That is all.

Can you feel it? The awesome! Can you feel it?

I am a nerd. I love Symphony of Science. That is all.

(Pity Stephen Hawking didn’t make it into the video though)

To quote one of my favourite people, Sam Harris:

“I would challenge anyone here to think of a question upon which we once had a scientific answer, however inadequate, but for which now the best answer is a religious one.”

And it’s as simple as that. Science has a better answer than religion for every question ever asked. The opposite has never happened. I find that fascinating since there are four billion people on the planet that claim to have a direct line to the almighty creator of the universe who has all knowledge. I know so many Christians who have ‘a personal relationship with Jesus Christ’ that I could start my own mega-church, were I that way inclined. And yet somehow science progresses every day of every week steadily making our lives better; making our lives longer, making us more healthy, helping amputees, curing diseases, exploring other planets, expanding our knowledge of everything from subatomic particles to galaxy superclusters.

Creationism? Religion? World wide floods, 600 year old men building wooden boats to save ten million species of animal, talking snakes, witch burning and human sacrifice. It’s laughable.

Science. It works, bitches.

This video is a sketch done by The Atheist Experience about Hank and his followers. I’ll post the first video I saw about hank and his followers below. It’s absolutely brilliant and I love that the dudes from The Atheist Experience did it on television.

The annoying thing however, is that it makes it blatantly clear what religion is – a farce – and yet those under the influence (of religion…) just can’t seem to make the connection.

Absolute genius.

Here’s the version I saw first a couple of years back:

One of my all time favourite video’s.

Some additional links:

Carl Sagan is without a doubt one of my favourite people. Ever. He is that to a great many people I guess. In this video a creationist tries to argue that Evolution isn’t correct… for a number of reasons and in classic creatard debating tactic refuses to let the man answer. We all know why he let Carl refuse to answer – it’s never pleasant to have one’s dearly held beliefs destroyed…

Evolution, it’s such a simple thing that so many people refuse to see.

Anyway, here’s Carl. He’s the most awesome.

To Carl.

Quantum Physics made simple… Ok, let me qualify that. It’s a really cool little animation that makes visualising wave-particle duality somewhat easier. Nothing makes quantum physics… simple. As far as I can tell anyway.

Behold! A really awesome animation!

Love the style of animation. Science wins!

Yea… Christianity… totally makes sense. Totally.

And that’s assuming Jesus actually existed to begin with. Let me tell you, the evidence supporting that shady premise is… just a little thin.

Check out Darkantics on YouTube here: and Religion, Atheism, Science on YouTube here:

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