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Check it out, the good people from Lazy Gamer want to give me free stuff but to make it seem legit, they are running a competition. To make it seem even more legit I need to win the competition but I don’t know what the hell a Plasmid is… so, if you don’t mind, help me out and send me some ‘Plasmid suggestions that aren’t in the game’. Help a guy out?

The post is here:

The article looks summin like this:

So January was a bit lean when it came to competitions but we are back in the full swing of things now with Megarom jumping on board with a pretty awesome Bioshock 2 bundle to give away this month.

First the important bits, what are you going to win?

In this the first major competition of 2010 you stand the chance of winning the following

Bioshock 2 Collectors Edition bundle of awesomeness which includes

  • The game (Xbox 360)
  • Bioshock 2 LP (yeah you read right)
  • Bioshock 2 CD (for us normal folk)
  • Bioshock 2 Pen
  • Bioshock 2 pins
  • A little sister… or if you prefer a doll representing a Little Sister from the game.

You get the idea, pretty much anything you would want to be able to do in real life with very little effort…

So what do you need to do for this awesome prize, well as usual we cater for the laziness evident in each of you. To gain an entry into the comp all you need to do is email me ( and tell me a Plasmid that isn’t in the game, but should be.

You will get one entry for every Plasmid offered and the comp is only open to locals of South Africa.

Some possible plasmids you could use are

Automatic clothing remover

Water to beer transformer

Cell atomiser

You get the idea, pretty much anything you would want to be able to do in real life with very little effort…

Save a sheep, love a llama.

10 hour shortcircuit

There are things that make me furious.I just can’t think of any right now because I’ve been playing Quake Live for 10 straight hours. Bit of a blast from the past that. The hours and hours I used to spend playing Quake 3 Arena LAN games is scary. How terribly shit I am now compared to the guys I played against today, that is also scary. My cat like reflexes have become dull with age… or something something… drool.

Anyway, it’s pretty cool, the plug-in runs in the browser, takes a bit to download but check it out:

You need not phear the Llama on Quake Live, it is not his kung-fu and it is not strong.

PS. Use Firefox, they don’t support Chrome yet, and those are the only two browsers.

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