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It’s my birthday and my awesome wife managed to – by some arcane means, a miracle even – acquire an original Nichola Romney painting. It’s totally fucking awesome and I love it!

Behold the pure, unadulterated awesome that is my very own work of heathen art:

Saligia II - Nichola Romney

Saligia II by Nichola Romney

It’s titled “Saligia II” and its beautiful. If you’d like to extract some meaning out of it, start here:

From the artist:

S A L I G I A – latin representation of the seven deadly sins. Color representation here, red-sin, gold-glory, black-corruption. The Catholic/Christian church, holds itself out to be the ‘universal/ultimate/absolute’ church of God. Do people ever ask how this widespread belief became so accepted?

Researching religion & its heritage is a fascinating subject, learning of the church’s fallacious origins, its violent and oppressive history, and it’s deployment of ‘The Crusades’ (their armies), in enforcing ‘their’ religion as being the ‘true’ word of god, gives insight into how the ‘prominence’ of the church came about. The Crusades, massacred, tortured, raped and oppressed millions, all in the name of ‘God’, over a span of several hundred years.

I have to take this opportunity to thank both my wife and Nichola Romney who conspired to get me this epic birthday present. I love it. Heathen art is my favourite kind!

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman - Your certainty amuses him.

Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself. The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.

– Richard Feynman

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the longest time now. I love it! The song, not so much that it’s stuck in my head (… how does that work anyway?!?). This is Bryan Steeksma and it is called “Listen to Reason“. It’s also the theme song for The Atheist Experience TV show so I guess a bunch of other people love it too.

Prepare to receive the awesome.

BAM! Bryan Steeksma wins.

To Hitch

The video says it all. The world is a better place because of Christopher Hitchens.

To Hitch.


Dear Mr. Hitchens,

You are the most awesome.

One Furious Llama.

We Are Atheism

We Are Atheism: Stand up and be counted!

The “We Are Atheism” campaign is a platform that enables atheists to be heard, to stand up and be counted. The campaign is to show atheists around the world that we are not alone, we are many, we are proud of it and we won’t be ignored.

The campaign website is here:

Atheists everywhere acknowledging that they are atheists makes it easier for those who haven’t been able to publicly acknowledge who they are to do so.

The only things we have in common is our lack of belief in god and our humanity. Well, perhaps those aren’t the only things, after all, a preference for reason, logic and truth are traits you’ll find in most atheists. At the very least though, that we see no credible evidence for any deity existing what so ever, is something we do share.

I haven’t uploaded a video but even though video is really not  my thing, I think I might do so.

A host of popular atheist speakers, like Hemant Mehta, Greta Christina and Jen McCreight  already support the campaign and tell their stories about their atheism and how it changed their lives for the better. And then there is Chris Redford (YouTube’s Evid3nc3, I think I might be his biggest fan) who’s video’s on his de-conversion and thought process are mind blowingly awesome and provide clear, logical progression from very Christian to atheist.

It’s ok to be an atheist

The “We Are Atheism” campaign will:

  • Provide an outlet for atheists to feel comfortable to come out o the closet.
  • Always let visitors know there are other people out there that are non-believers.
  • Help people find other atheists like them in their state, city, and even neighborhood.
  • Give access to local, national, and international organization to become involved in the secular community.
  • Empower people to start their own organization in areas that does not already have one.

You can read more about how the campaign came about here:

Always be awesome.

So… Zach Weiner at SMBC has nailed it again. The dude is freaking awesome. Behold for your perusal, a clear and concise presentation of how religion, theodicy and human nature works…

God, theodicy, human nature and the truth.

God, theodicy, human nature and the truth.

The original post is here and I saw the graphic first here Both of those sites are full of reality and win.

And yes. I am a Zach Weiner fan boy. That is all.

Something happened today, right here on this blog and I haven’t the foggiest what it was. There was an inexplicable jump in traffic and I would give my left, nay, my RIGHT leg to know what it was that caused it (can’t have an arm, need it for coding).

It’s inexplicable since I haven’t posted anything in almost three weeks. I’ve been busy. In places that didn’t always have internet. And were possibly keeping my attention long enough to not feel the need to write. And jet lag. That’s why.

So, WordPress rocks, this much is clear, I have elaborated on my fanboy status in other posts. What (blogs at) lacks, however, seriously, is the ability to use Google Analytics.

I don’t much care what the piss poor excuses are for blogs having Google Analytics (the main site uses it, blogs aren’t websites, blah blah blah), the built-in stats are rather… how shall I put it… crap. It would be terribly useful, for example, to know where in the world the people who read this blog come from, for example, so that I can write more stuff relevant to their situation.

I bet the Bangkokians™ would love to hear more of my opinion on the issues in Bangkok, just to throw something out there (I don’t really have an opinion, haven’t been paying attention, but you get what I mean right?).

Anyway,, give me Google Analytics, I will give you money. Make sense?

Also, those people who came here for reasons I cannot fathom, come back tomorrow again. Not much will have changed to be sure, but it will make me happier. How could that not be a good thing?

The sound of the llama making groaning noises or going “mwa” is often a sign of fear or anger. If a llama is agitated, it will lay its ears back.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with what this guy is doing. Jumping from 120,000 feet, reaching Mach 1 and free-falling for more than 5 minutes is cool. Very cool.

Actually, pretty much everything about this project is cool, the mission, the tech, the numbers.

In the video below they have some info about the really cool space suit being developed for this project. Awesome.

Check out the official project website at: and the project news at:

When using a pack, llamas can carry about 25% to 30% of their body weight for several miles.

I have to admit, I miss George Carlin and I have no idea what brought that up. Whilst considering what to post about, I just though, George Carlin, he was nice, I miss him, pity he’s dead. His kind of humour certainly wasn’t for everybody but I loved that bitter, sour old bastard. He was famous for his black humour and his views on politics, religion, American life and culture and a whole list of taboo things. He placed second in Comedy Central’s list of 100 greatest comedians at one point.

George was (luckily? unluckily?) born to Roman Catholic parents of Irish descent in New York City. This seems to have displeased him somewhat. (something about Irish Catholic in New York?).

Carlin’s material falls under one of three self-described categories: “the little world” (observational humor), “the big world” (social commentary), and the peculiarities of the English language (euphemisms, doublespeak, business jargon); all sharing the overall theme of (in his words) “humanity’s bullshit”, which might include murder, genocide, war, rape, corruption, religion and other aspects of human civilization.

He appeared in several films throughout his career, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Scary Movie 3 and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (as well as Bogus Journey) among others. He was also in a bunch of TV shows. The George Carlin Show being one of them. Coincidence? Perhaps.

George Carlin died on June 22, 2008 at 5:55pm from heart failure and the world has been a poorer place since. Thank god (heh) for YouTube; through it, people like George Carlin may never really die.

I enjoy what the guy said and I really enjoyed how he said it, he was amusing. Anyway, here are some of my favourite Carlin comedies:

Religion is bullshit

The ten commandments

Dirty words

Air plane safety

George Carlin talks about Stuff

Saving the planet

George Carlin on Death

George Carlin comments on 9/11 truth and the NWO

Our similarities

We like war

Common Experiences

Have a nice day

The hippy dippy weatherman

You have no rights

Homelessness and golf


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