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A comic about the life and legacy of Charles Darwin. Which you should read. Obviously.

A comic about the life and legacy of Charles Darwin. Which you should read. Obviously.

I thought I’d put this up now since I’ll be travelling to ‘murica on Wednesday and probably won’t have the time nor the inclination to post a thing on Thursday. On the other hand, it will be Darwin Day – the 206th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth (unless I’m horribly mistaken, which, to be fair is quite likely) – so I might.

Anyway, I was made aware of the comic strip (the one started above) by Ardziv Simonian who presumably works for Exodus Travel, had a look and thought it was great. You should check out the page and read the rest of it:

As far as marketing ploys go, it works for me! Now I’m waiting for a nice comic strip detailing the life and times of Isaac Newton…

Happy Darwin Day! From the future, obviously.

So… I got some mail. It’s probably spam. I can’t really tell. But seriously, check this out:

From: Calculated Energy

I have unprinted book. The book is special from all book on earth.
The book depends on nature and calculated energy. You,atom,electron,green light,earth,sun, the solar system,galaxy,the univers,the cosmo… are calculated energy. Calculated by the energy calculator. You are calculated to be the mind of earth. The book is written amharic. Will you help me to publish the book ?

Yeah, so, what to say about that. An unpublished, special book, written in/about/for/by ‘amharic’? And it’s about something… something… *drool*.

And that is all I have to say about that.

The irony of the statement “Just Thinking about Science Triggers Moral Behavior” is not lost on me.  Every religion tries to claim morality for themselves. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard or read “how can you be moral without god”…

So here it is. Read the paper by Christine Ma-Kellams and Jim Blascovich here:

Does “Science” Make You Moral? The Effects of Priming Science on Moral Judgments and Behavior published in the Plos One journal.

Abstract: Background

Previous work has noted that science stands as an ideological force insofar as the answers it offers to a variety of fundamental questions and concerns; as such, those who pursue scientific inquiry have been shown to be concerned with the moral and social ramifications of their scientific endeavors. No studies to date have directly investigated the links between exposure to science and moral or prosocial behaviors.

Abstract: Conclusions/Significance

These studies demonstrated the morally normative effects of lay notions of science. Thinking about science leads individuals to endorse more stringent moral norms and exhibit more morally normative behavior. These studies are the first of their kind to systematically and empirically test the relationship between science and morality. The present findings speak to this question and elucidate the value-laden outcomes of the notion of science

Scientific American wrote an article about the study here:

Just Thinking about Science Triggers Moral Behavior

Public opinion towards science has made headlines over the past several years for a variety of reasons — mostly negative. High profile cases of academic dishonesty and disputes over funding have left many questioning the integrity and societal value of basic science, while accusations of politically motivated research fly from left and right. There is little doubt that science is value-laden. Allegiances to theories and ideologies can skew the kinds of hypotheses tested and the methods used to test them. These, however, are errors in the application of the method, not the method itself. In other words, it’s possible that public opinion towards science more generally might be relatively unaffected by the misdeeds and biases of individual scientists. In fact, given the undeniable benefits scientific progress yielded, associations with the process of scientific inquiry may be quite positive.

Science bitches! Not only does it work, it makes you want to be a better person too.

If prayer actually works...

If prayer actually works… why don’t they?

Tell me, why the fuck they don’t? Why? Let me tell you. Because prayer doesn’t fucking work. That’s why.

That is all.

This video is a sketch done by The Atheist Experience about Hank and his followers. I’ll post the first video I saw about hank and his followers below. It’s absolutely brilliant and I love that the dudes from The Atheist Experience did it on television.

The annoying thing however, is that it makes it blatantly clear what religion is – a farce – and yet those under the influence (of religion…) just can’t seem to make the connection.

Absolute genius.

Here’s the version I saw first a couple of years back:

One of my all time favourite video’s.

Some additional links:

Carl Sagan is without a doubt one of my favourite people. Ever. He is that to a great many people I guess. In this video a creationist tries to argue that Evolution isn’t correct… for a number of reasons and in classic creatard debating tactic refuses to let the man answer. We all know why he let Carl refuse to answer – it’s never pleasant to have one’s dearly held beliefs destroyed…

Evolution, it’s such a simple thing that so many people refuse to see.

Anyway, here’s Carl. He’s the most awesome.

To Carl.

Atheist Pig Writes...

God says he loves us
but he lets children die
And although you may ask him
he’ll never tell you why.
The reason for his silence
may be more than you can bear,
but your life will have more meaning
when you realise he’s not there.

Winston Hamilton 

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Winston Hamilton, The Atheist Pig.


Ah. What he said. That is all.

Check out AronRa’s YouTube channel:

Searches that find furious llama's.

Searches that find furious llama's.

So I was going through my blog stats today and had a look at the search engine terms people used that resulted in them finding this blog. It’s been… enlightening. Funny. And disturbing. Some people…

Anyway, here’s a couple of the ones that are normal and unsurprising and I’m happy these phrases help people find my stuff. It’s awesome.

  • one furious lama
  • temporal lobe
  • australopithecus sediba
  • bernard russell quote i would like to say two things
  • christians are weak
  • science works bitches
  • vitruvian woman
  • periodic table of atheists
  • the short story of christianity
  • what does the bible say about killing god’s creatures?
  • crucifixion
  • pharyngula periodic table atheists
  • professor v.s. ramachandran
  • pope says big bang is true
  • cries of the armenian genocide
  • what does almighty mean
  • vs ramachandran video
  • philhellenes “reasonably certain”

“one furious llama” – not that surprising. “temporal lobe” – sweet. “bernard russell quote…” – hmm, I’m pretty sure it’s not… anyway, all good. Looks like the site is indexed well, it’s coming up in reasonable searches right? Right…

As it turns out, my potty mouth has caused the site do be found in some other kinds of searches. I didn’t really considered that my liberal use of the word ‘fuck’ would be found in that context but in hind sight, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising. Tell you what is surprising though, the combination of the words: “fuck”, “men” and “llama”.

People are searching for that?!?! Apparently they do. And apparently they found this site… I wonder if they were disappointed with the content?

Behold, a glimpse into the terrible, foetid, terrifying mind of the interwebs:

  • must be fucking dead
  • so fucking happy
  • nice loving fuck videos
  • fuvking for love movie
  • lhama raping man video
  • inden video facking
  • video love and fucking
  • men fuck llama

“lhama raping man video” – seriously? What is wrong with people? Don’t they know a llama would never rape a man? At least, I’m pretty sure a llama wouldn’t do that…

The llama and alpaca are only known in the domestic state, and are variable in size and of many colors, being often white, brown, or piebald. Some are grey or black. The guanaco and vicuña are wild, the former being endangered, and of a nearly uniform light-brown color, passing into white below.

I wish I could say it like Carl says it. Respect.

What he really meant to say was: “science FTW!”

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