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The universe is awesome.

For science!

This video is made of win. It’s hard to explain how I feel when I watch something like this. I guess it’s a ‘religious’ experience. Check it out:

Keep in mind that the galaxies in that video come from a black patch of sky. Your ‘god given’ eyes cannot see anything there. Until Hubble was recently pointed there, everybody thought there was nothing there. You and all of your forefathers cannot see anything there. Cannot go there. And you still believe this was all made for your benefit. Seriously?

I saw this video posted at Bad Astronomy and since I can’t really say it better than Phil:

In April 2010, physicist and outspoken lover of science Brian Cox spoke at a TED meeting about the state of science funding in the UK and the world, and why we do science. Trust me, you need to find the 17 minutes today to watch this.

Brian Cox really manages to speak to the science geek in me. Near the end he reads a famous piece by Carl Sagan… and at that very moment I got something in my eye. Watch the video, you’ll be better off for it.

Happy Sunday!

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