The video below is an excerpt of a BBC documentary about – what seems to be – some of the oldest writings about Jesus, by his own family, his brother in particular.

I have a small question for Christians: how much evidence do you need to change your religious mind? It’s a loaded question I know since religious belief and empirical evidence are a little like oil and water. They don’t mix. The question still stands however. At what point is there so much evidence that a Christian has no choice but to admit they are wrong?

The answer to that question says everything you need to know about religious belief and why it’s bad.

From the video below:

When Constantine The Great made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire sixteen hundred years ago, it was Paul’s interpretation of Jesus’ message that was adopted. And Paul based his authority on a series of ‘mystical visions’ although he had never met Jesus and only joined the movement after His death.  By contrast, James and the rest of the family who had grown up with Jesus followed his mission and had been at his death, their version of Christianity – a vision of Jesus as a more human character – was declared heresy.

Christians, your religion, your precious beliefs are a joke. Your claims about the Bible are laughable. The foundation of what you believe is so obviously created by human self-interest and manipulation it’s cringeworthy. It boggles the mind that so many people can ignore so very many problems, contradictions, inconsistencies, lies, impossibilities and fantasies while at the same time claiming absolute knowledge and dedicating their lives to this ridiculous fable.

Christianity as it is now: based on the ‘visions’ of a man who more than likely had an epileptic fit on a road in the middle of nowhere who never met Jesus. And who’s ‘experience’ of Jesus is pretty much nothing like the Gospels in the Bible.

The Bible: assembled by popular vote by men with an agenda hundreds of years after the alleged death of Jesus.

The Bible books: contradictory accounts written by anonymous authors who never met Jesus, containing themes that look suspiciously like they were plagiarised from other popular stories around that time.

The contents of the books of the Bible: mostly horrific, contradictory, barbaric accounts of murder, death, genocide, incest and slavery interwoven with fantastic stories of talking snakes and boats built by 600 year old men and poetry. That might be an oversimplification I agree – it’s really much worse than that.

It’s ludicrous. Ridiculous. Laughable. Absurd. So much so that it really is comical.