I’ve basically ignored the ‘atheist community’ on the internet for a year now. Why? Because of the flaming idiocy that is Atheism+, professional victimhood, the crappy flavour of feminism being pushed and other unnecessary bullshit and drama. I stopped following a bunch of blogs, I’ve ignored YouTube channels, I cut myself off from that asshattery and everything was fine.

Then yesterday – at least, I became aware of it yesterday – PZ Myers took it upon himself to accuse Michael Shermer of rape on behalf of an unnamed – alleged – victim.

I have two thoughts on this:

  1. If the women was raped, why did she not go to the police to report the crime? If PZ Myers thought the claim credible, why did he not go to the police to report the crime?
  2. PZ Myers and Atheism+ are essentially attention whores; that is why nobody went to the police to report the crime and instead plastered it on the internet.

Well played PZ Myers. Your traffic generation marketing campaign is working. I’ve managed to ignore the disgusting fuckwittery in the atheist community quite effectively until now but you sort of can’t miss public rape accusations now can you?

I find myself hoping Michael Shermer is exonerated completely and PZ Myers is sued – and loses – for slander. And that fucks me off even more since I don’t know if Michael Shermer is guilty or not and because of the actions of PZ Myers I now essentially have an uninformed view simply because of his self serving dumfuckery.

You people disgust me.