God can be a real bastard when he wants to be. If we were to allow – for the sake of argument obviously – that the Christian God of the Bible exists, then we have to admit that a lot of the time He is an absolute bastard.

God’s plan is mysterious right? Poor humans just don’t get it. Whatever Gods plan is, it’s good and just and human beings just can’t understand it. Right? Right.

Start the hoop jumping and twisting so long and have a go at explaining this delightful part of the ‘divine’ plan:

Pastor Infects Boy, 14, With HIV

The pastor was said to have used some games on his laptop and mobile phone to entice the boy, after which he lured him into his bedroom where he had unprotected sex with him.

The father later realized that his son frequently fell ill after he had returned from the pastor’s house. The man sent his son to the hospital and after a series of medical tests, it was confirmed that the boy was HIV positive.

The parent were tested too by the same medical facility and were found to be negative, raising fears that the victim might have been infected by the ‘man of God’, especially after he mentioned to his parent that he had been sodomized five times by the pastor.

Read the whole story here.

So, help me out here since I’m having a hard time reconciling ‘good’, ‘loving’, ‘God’ and that story.

A man who represents God on earth, lures a child into his room where that man anally rapes the child – while God watches – and infects the child with HIV. Unless the parents of that child have some means, he’s not going to get the anti retrovirals he’s now going to need to survive until he’s 20.

I wonder of the good Lord provided the parents with enough money for anti retrovirals? I wonder if the child prayed to God to save him from the man ripping his anus apart?

Let’s say he did pray to God to stop the horror. God watches a man rape a child (maybe repeatedly) who begs to be saved and God’s response is: “No, fuck you, I’m trying to teach you something. Have some AIDS with that”.

That’s a bastard move in anybody’s book. Can a Christian or two do me a favour. Ask Jesus what the plan is with AIDS infected children since I can’t come up with a satisfactory reason to include the rape, suffering and murder of innocent children in any plan. I especially have a hard time with starving kids to death, with raping kids to death and with infecting kids with diseases that slowly kill them over years while suffering in the most terrible ways.

God doesn’t exist and people disgust me.