It’s my birthday and my awesome wife managed to – by some arcane means, a miracle even – acquire an original Nichola Romney painting. It’s totally fucking awesome and I love it!

Behold the pure, unadulterated awesome that is my very own work of heathen art:

Saligia II - Nichola Romney

Saligia II by Nichola Romney

It’s titled “Saligia II” and its beautiful. If you’d like to extract some meaning out of it, start here:

From the artist:

S A L I G I A – latin representation of the seven deadly sins. Color representation here, red-sin, gold-glory, black-corruption. The Catholic/Christian church, holds itself out to be the ‘universal/ultimate/absolute’ church of God. Do people ever ask how this widespread belief became so accepted?

Researching religion & its heritage is a fascinating subject, learning of the church’s fallacious origins, its violent and oppressive history, and it’s deployment of ‘The Crusades’ (their armies), in enforcing ‘their’ religion as being the ‘true’ word of god, gives insight into how the ‘prominence’ of the church came about. The Crusades, massacred, tortured, raped and oppressed millions, all in the name of ‘God’, over a span of several hundred years.

I have to take this opportunity to thank both my wife and Nichola Romney who conspired to get me this epic birthday present. I love it. Heathen art is my favourite kind!