God: before and after...

Totally. Like. This.

I love this cartoon, it’s so… like life. You’re raised in a good Christian home, you go to Sunday school, you get spoon fed a fantasy version of the Christian God which, quite frankly, isn’t described in the Bible. Anywhere.

Then you grow up and you read the Bible cover to cover and you come to the startling realisation that this God you were told of as a kid not only doesn’t exist but that it is, in fact, a really good thing that it doesn’t. As described in the Bible the Christian deity is a jealous, murderous, psychopathic, genocidal, baby murdering asshole and we’re all better off not having to deal with that kind of mental, especially on an omnipotent scale.

In hind sight, comparing Yahweh to Dr. Evil is perhaps a bit unfair… to Dr. Evil.