The evidence for and against Evolution.

The evidence for and against Evolution.

There are people who dispute the fact of Evolution (evolution by natural selection). They are usually of the non-scientific religious type. It’s not surprising you see, because as Ken Ham completely agrees, if Evolution is true (and it is…), it completely destroys Christianity. If Evolution is true (and it is…), it means that there was no garden of Eden, no Adam and Eve, no talking snake, no original sin and no reason for a god-man to have himself temporarily murdered to create a loop-hole in the laws he created himself, so that he could forgive his created creatures for doing what he knew they would do before he created them because he created them that way.

So… to those who reckon they have evidence that proves that Evolution is not true, I have only one thing to say:

Write down your evidence on a piece of paper, get it peer-reviewed and collect your Nobel prize.

What? They haven’t done that? But why not? Is a global conspiracy of an evil evolutionist cabal of scientists working to orchestrate the global suppressions of all this evidence? Even in America where 80% of the population are Christian? Yea, of course this is what is going on. It’s got nothing to do with the complete lack of evidence and the ridiculous nonsense that the Discovery Institute insist on calling science right? Right.

The statement up there is true though and this is how serious it is. If you can prove Evolution wrong, it will be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time since the mountain of evidence that one must disproved is very, very large. Successfully doing so will certainly result in a Nobel prize, which does beg the question, why has it not been done? Why do all serious scientists laugh at the feeble attempts of the intelligent design movement to publish their ‘science’?

Evolution wins until somebody collects that Nobel prize. Until then, I have one thing to say to those who believe evidence exists that disproves Evolution:

Shut up about your ‘Intelligent Design’ until you have actual proof. You actual idiot.

Always! Be awesome.