Part 1: Facts Of Evolution

While the graphics in this video aren’t always top-notch, the science described in it is mind-blowing.

The mountain of evidence for Evolution (by natural selection) is astounding and I find it really freaking difficult to understand how anybody can take even a cursory look at it and still believe creationist claptrap. The only conclusion I can draw is that Evolution deniers fall into two camps: those who are ignorant (out of choice, having been deceived, through lack of education) and those who are just plain freaking delusional.

To put it bluntly: are you prepared to convict a person in a criminal case based on DNA evidence? The overwhelming majority of people answer yes and rightly so, it’s pretty accurate. The travesty is that, at the same time as proving a criminal case (beyond reasonable doubt…), it is also rock solid proof of the common decent of all life on earth, beyond any reasonable doubt. Common decent, one of the facts of Evolution.

Virtually everybody implicitly agrees with Evolution by happily using science and technology in their every day lives that also happen to prove Evolution beyond a shadow of a doubt. Yet a great many people somehow still deny the fact of Evolution.

Ignorance or delusion? It’s one of the two. Or both.

Part 2: Mechanisms of Evolution