My wife showed me this video (Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus | last night. My brother posted the link to it on Facebook. Now, that was a bit of a surprise to me I have to admit, since I didn’t realise my brother was a hard-core Jesusianismist. Perhaps it was wishful thinking that he was, at the very least, agnostic. Not, it seems. I have tried to remember how it is that I came to have the incorrect impression of him and it’s quite strange really since we’ve spoken about religion a number of times. He never said he was a Jesusianismist. He never took issue with my (rampant, unrestrained) anti-theism.

Anyway, I watched the video, I had many issues, I toyed with writing a post about it. Then I saw The Amazing Atheist (bless his brilliant banana loving ass) had already made a video that takes it apart, in style. So I now happily post it here since it says just about everything that  needs to be said.

Take it away TJ:

Yea. Christians doing what Christians do: bend ‘your beliefs’ until they fit what you want to believe. The entire video is empty, contradictory and filled with marketing speak. It’s a sales job that sells nothing new. It’s controversy stirring where there is none. It is par for the course as far as Christians are concerned.

On top of that, it’s not new either, I’ve blogged on that particular statement of idiocy before: I hate religion but love I god. Silly Christians are silly.

If it wasn’t for the stupid subject, the poem and video would have been quite nice though. Quite nice.