Those who argue that evolution has no evidence are ignorant. There is no other word. Those that believe ‘intelligent design’ are ignorant since it has no evidence. Wilfully ignorant possibly. Unwittingly ignorant perhaps but certainly ignorant.

Anybody who looks objectively at the imaginary ‘debate’ intelligent design proponents insist exists between evolution and intelligent design cannot help but arrive at the simple and obvious conclusion that… well… there is no debate. Evolution explains what needs to be explained and it has large mountains of empirical evidence. Intelligent design does not. End of story. There is nothing more to it than that.

It’s not hard to see the truth. Why do people make it seem so hard? How can one look at that mountain of evidence for evolution and conclude that a tricky, deceptive deity must have put the world together in exactly the right way to make it look like evolution is true or indeed that the mountain of evidence doesn’t exist. It’s like standing in front of the Himalayas in Janakpur with every intention of hiking to Shigatse and insisting that the road is flat, the Himalayas don’t actually exist and that the walk will be as if it were in a park, as it were.

How is it possible that one can insist on things ‘making sense’ in every single aspect of one’s life except that one? What, precisely, do they think drives the incredulous stares and the questions about their sanity (from 99.9% of the scientists in the world…)?