Ron Williams: Awesome Australian father fighting government sponsored Christian evangelism.

Ron Williams: Awesome Australian father fighting government sponsored Christian evangelism.

It disturbs me immensely to see democratically elected governments play religious favourites like the Australian government is doing with their school chaplains program. Why do they feel they’re allowed to discriminate against some (I’d say all for all the good it actually does) of their citizens by propping up bronze age superstitions? At least some of their citizens are taking this tragic misuse of political power seriously and are putting up a fight.

According to this article:, Ron Williams is an Australian father from Toowoomba who’s mounted a High Court challenge on the constitutional validity of an Australian school chaplains program. This program has placed about 2500 chaplains in Australian public schools; presumably Christian chaplains.

These chaplains are allegedly not allowed to preach or convert students. Of course, it never works out the way it’s supposed to as liars for Jesus always seem to find a way to get their ‘finger’ into the metaphorical pie: a Queensland chaplain got John Mackay, a delusional creationists, to give a ‘scientific lecture’ to students. Mr. Mackay is so delusional he blames last month’s massacre in Norway on… Darwinism.   Parents are rightly outraged and at least one, Ron Williams, has the balls to try to do something about this travesty in the Australian school system.

It’s appalling that a democratic country like Australia is run by a government who supports indoctrinating children by a religious organisation and it’s even more appalling that it only supports one religion. Why only support Christian chaplains? Why are they not sending in Hindu guru’s, Muslim imams, Jewish rabbi’s, Haitian witch doctors, pagan Druids and Wiccan witches to deal with children? These people of non-Christian religions also have children in public schools, also voted for the present government and pay tax like the entitled Christians. And I say ‘deal’ because I have a sneaking suspicion that few of these 2500 chaplains are qualified therapists and councillors.

Can somebody please point out the passages in the Bible that prepare a person to be a councillor? I can point out the passages that prepare a person to abuse children. I can point to the passages in the Bible that prepares you to ignore reality. And to be perfectly honest, the biggest Christian organisation in the world hardly has a sterling track record when it comes to the care of children. How many of these government sponsored chaplains are Catholic?

This insistence on favouritism, stupidity and entitlement by otherwise seemingly rational people aggravate me to no end and I wish Ron Williams well in his righteous battle for justice and reason. It’s a crying shame that in these modern times it has to happen but somebody has to fight this idiocy and get the Australian government back to doing what it was elected to do: serve ALL the Australian people and support reason over superstition.