On one hand you have creationism with no evidence and on the other you have The Big Bang theory; a scientific theory with so goddamn much evidence it’s embarrassing. It has an overwhelmingly large amount of evidence. Perhaps that’s the problem with The Big Bang theory; there is so much evidence people struggle to take it all in. But I guess this is where a rudimentary science education comes in and why the higher the level of education the less likely you are to believe in creationist cattle faecal matter.

I actually find it disturbing that somebody can watch the video below where Neil deGrasse Tyson so eloquently lays  out the enormous number of ways we know the theory is correct and accurate and then go right back to believing the in the vapid mound of horse manure that is the Abrahamic creation stories.

How? How do people believe that ordure after being exposed to the profound awesome that is reality? How do you believe in a talking snake and a human centred world only six thousand years old, without any evidence what so ever, when you’ve experienced the majesty of the real, empirically supported, mathematically proven, peer-reviewed, scientifically integrated, true story of the origin of the universe?

I get the same feeling, goosebumps and all, watching Neil Tyson talk about the science behind The Big Bang theory as when people listen to an outstanding piece of music or when admiring a particularly great work of art or performance.

The truth is freaking epic. Science is freaking awesome.