I found a video today that nicely illustrates and elaborates on the question I asked in my post on forgiveness:

What will you say to the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik when you meeting him in heaven? What conversation are you going to make with the millions of other murderers, thieves, rapists and child molesters who are going to be spending eternity with you?

I hate to start this dead-end discussion again but this time, courtesy of V00D00SIXXX, I have some video that illustrates my point about mass murdering Christians and going to heaven. Now, I know that ‘purist’ Christians might want to try to convince themselves mass murdering mad men don’t go to heaven but like I said before,  the rules for going to heaven in the Christian tradition are pretty straight forward and simple and are evangelised by Christian clergy to criminals all the time (so you have to wonder who’s confused here). These easy rules is why I think Christianity such a hit with America in particular, it’s the McDonalds of religions: easy to get into the religion, easy to get into heaven, you just gotta believe!

I agree completely with what V00D00SIXXX says in his video below: lots of good people are going to hell and lots of bad people are going to heaven. I remember the pastor at the church Sunday school I went to say it exactly like that: a lot of good people are going to hell and a lot of bad people are going to heaven. As you can imagine, this did nothing for Christianity’s credibility in my eyes…

The idea that good people are going to get tortured as a result of the decree of a ‘loving’ God while mass murderers and child rapists are going to spend eternity in ‘bliss’ is repugnant. It’s disgusting and is an ideology I refuse to accept. One I cannot accept.

Unexpectedly, I also found the one and only way Christians can rationalise the horrors that befall good people, Christians included, in the world. Other than copping out and saying they don’t know anyway. At the very least William Lane Craig (a man who defends the genocide in the Bible) believes that: (his) God has a wider view on reality than humans do, He can see everything where us humans can only see a small slice. This wider view means God knows the greater good and therefore He can allow tragedies like the shootings in Norway to happen because it’s for the greater good that we cannot see. So God can have morally sufficient reason to let babies starve, children get shot and old grannies get raped. Us pathetic little humans just can’t see the greater good.

The problem with this seriously screwed up rationalisation is, as V00D00SIXXX points out, is that literally everything is good then. It doesn’t matter what it is, that it happened means God let it happen and it’s good, we just don’t ‘understand’ it. The problem is then that you then have no basis for your morality because everything is good. If it happens, God let it happen, ergo it is good and pure, we just don’t know why. Everything is good. Including the rape of grannies and babies.

Have I mentioned I find this repugnant? And the Christians who also find this idea repugnant? How do they explain the Jesus’s lack of interest in the murder of the 80+ children in Norway by one of His followers? They have not, as far as I am aware.

So what conversation will Christians make with these terrible people with whom they are to share eternity with? It’s a big thing. I mean, how do you broach the subject of the torture, rape and murder your atheist daughter, who at that point is being tortured for eternity, with the guy that’s with you there in heaven?

I bet the conversations in heaven are going to be just, freaking, awesome.