Searches that find furious llama's.

Searches that find furious llama's.

So I was going through my blog stats today and had a look at the search engine terms people used that resulted in them finding this blog. It’s been… enlightening. Funny. And disturbing. Some people…

Anyway, here’s a couple of the ones that are normal and unsurprising and I’m happy these phrases help people find my stuff. It’s awesome.

  • one furious lama
  • temporal lobe
  • australopithecus sediba
  • bernard russell quote i would like to say two things
  • christians are weak
  • science works bitches
  • vitruvian woman
  • periodic table of atheists
  • the short story of christianity
  • what does the bible say about killing god’s creatures?
  • crucifixion
  • pharyngula periodic table atheists
  • professor v.s. ramachandran
  • pope says big bang is true
  • cries of the armenian genocide
  • what does almighty mean
  • vs ramachandran video
  • philhellenes “reasonably certain”

“one furious llama” – not that surprising. “temporal lobe” – sweet. “bernard russell quote…” – hmm, I’m pretty sure it’s not… anyway, all good. Looks like the site is indexed well, it’s coming up in reasonable searches right? Right…

As it turns out, my potty mouth has caused the site do be found in some other kinds of searches. I didn’t really considered that my liberal use of the word ‘fuck’ would be found in that context but in hind sight, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising. Tell you what is surprising though, the combination of the words: “fuck”, “men” and “llama”.

People are searching for that?!?! Apparently they do. And apparently they found this site… I wonder if they were disappointed with the content?

Behold, a glimpse into the terrible, foetid, terrifying mind of the interwebs:

  • must be fucking dead
  • so fucking happy
  • nice loving fuck videos
  • fuvking for love movie
  • lhama raping man video
  • inden video facking
  • video love and fucking
  • men fuck llama

“lhama raping man video” – seriously? What is wrong with people? Don’t they know a llama would never rape a man? At least, I’m pretty sure a llama wouldn’t do that…

The llama and alpaca are only known in the domestic state, and are variable in size and of many colors, being often white, brown, or piebald. Some are grey or black. The guanaco and vicuña are wild, the former being endangered, and of a nearly uniform light-brown color, passing into white below.