Atheism: Because reality IS awesome.

Atheism: Because reality IS awesome.

I just came across this post on AlterNet which I thought was absolutely brilliant:

How Atheism Can Make the World Better By Tearing Down Religious Irrationality by Amanda Marcotte

It’s definitely worth reading but this passage stood out:

Humanism has given birth to progressivism by opening up space to question some of the oldest prejudices: the belief that men are better than women, that gays are “unnatural,” that different skin colors or ethnicities automatically means different roles and mental abilities, that people are wealthier because they’re more deserving, that kings rule by divine right. When you start asking hard questions of these other beliefs, you often discover that the rationale for all of them tends to circle back toward “God said so.”

God said many terrible things that the religious tend to ignore; He makes discrimination and subjugation easy… in fact he used to command it.