Praying for divine help... cos without it we suck...

Praying for divine help... cos without it we suck balls...

Some people might disagree but allow me to explain; I have indisputable, logical proof that this is the case. Christians are weaker than atheists in every conceivable way. In fact, I’m surprised that evolution hasn’t put an end to such feeble creatures but I see empirical evidence of their continued existence everywhere so I guess they must still be around… they must have help.

As to the proof that Christians are feeble little things, Christians themselves provide most of it themselves, so who am I to argue?

Christians are not more intelligent than atheists. In fact, the evidence shows that the most intelligent people are not Christian; the most intelligent people tend to be atheists. Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russel, Richard Feynman and the list goes on (also Mick Jagger… just saying).

Christians are, on average, not more wealthy. Sure, some Christians may be richer, but some atheists may be even richer still (Bill Gates… Mark Zuckerberg…). I think you’ll find that Christians are, on average, less wealthy.

Christians are not better educated than atheists. I think you’ll find that atheists are generally better educated.

Christians don’t live longer than atheists. I think you’ll find that Christians and atheists tend to live equally long.

Christians are not happier than atheists. I don’t think Catholics are even allowed to be happy (but I might be wrong…) and then there’s Jehovah witnesses, not even birthdays or Christmas to lighten things up a little.

So Christians are generally the same or worse than atheists at just about everything. The difference is that Christians need the help of a super being just to be average. They thank this super being for just about everything they achieve or have, implying that they couldn’t have done it without the super being’s help. In fact, I’ve heard Christians say exactly that numerous times: “I couldn’t have done it without the help of my God”.

Atheists don’t have the help of an omnipotent god to help them to achieve things, to cope with things or to get things and yet they tend to be at least the same or sometimes better off than the average religionut who does have the support of a triumvirate of universe inventing super-beings.

The only reasonable conclusion that I can come to is that Christians must be a bunch of feeble wimpy losers then, since they need to be raised to mediocrity by the creator of the universe Himself. How insanely pathetic do you need to be if the power of the creator of the universe gets you… average.

Why do they not find this strange I wonder?