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Mathematics Visualised

Dictionary definition aside, what does the word ‘almighty’ mean to you, in the context of religion? Seriously?

To me, it means “all mighty”, literally, as in: can do anything and everything. Christians refer to their own deity as the Almighty sometimes, implying their deity could do anything if it so pleased. And by “anything” I mean create an apple pie from scratch… create the universe from scratch, create the earth from nothing, create every living thing on it. Create human beings, guide them, know everything about everything they think or do or feel. You know, any conceivable and inconceivable action, this deity has the inherent ability to perform.

So my question is this: why is it that the Almighty Creator of the Universe, God, can only answer questions humans can answer?

No really, think about that. Nowhere in the Bible is a single unknown scientific or mathematical concept. Nobody, in all of history, learnt any new scientific anything from the Bible (whether they learnt anything at all is also debatable).

Christians, the ones around me anyway, absolutely love to say that they have a personal relationship with Jesus. They love Jesus. They follow Jesus. Jesus is their friend. Jesus loves them. Jesus is the son of God.

So, one of three things is true here: either Christians are delusional or Jesus is retarded or Jesus is a prime grade asshole.

I have friends. I know some stuff about some things. Take programming for example. I know a bunch of things about programming that I’ve learnt during my career as a software developer. Now, if a friend of mine (or indeed a random stranger) had to come to me and ask for help with a programming problem, I would do my best to help them out. In fact, I do this all the time; there are some people who I’ve worked with all over the world that ask me programming related questions all the time and vice versa. It’s a pretty simple thing really: I know things about a subject you do not, you ask me some questions, I give you answers to help you out. At some point I might need to know things that you know and I might ask you questions and you might answer them to help me out.

Why is this? Because we’re not assholes.

So Christians have a personal relationship with a being that is one part of a being that created the entire universe and everything in it. The being that quite literally invented every single thing, all the way from quarks and muons to black holes, galaxies and indeed the entire universe. This being literally invented all the natural laws from quantum mechanics (and probably much more) up. This being invented knowledge. Invented bacteria, viruses and disease. By everything, I really do mean everything.

And Christians have a personal relationship with this being. They are friends, best friends from what I can tell.

Why then does this friend of Christians refuse to answer any question that cannot be answered by the poor Christians themselves? It’s not a hard thing to test. Take the most devout Christians you know and get those Christians to answer an unsolved mathematical problem.  The Goldbach conjecture, the Riemann hypothesis, the Collatz problem or the twin prime conjecture, pick one. Get the Christians (preferably two or more… Matt. 18:19) to ask Jesus, who knows the answer to every problem, to prove one of those problems. It should be a trifle and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

I will put money on Jesus failing to deliver an answer. Christians might object and say that God won’t give proof of his existence, that “that’s not the way God works”. This isn’t a problem you see, they can’t use the claim that God won’t give you proof of his existence because for the vast majority of scientists attributing the solution of one of those problems to Jesus won’t be convincing so no fear that it will break the mysterious law of ‘not giving proof of existence because for no obvious reason 30 years after Jesus went back to heaven the almighty refused to be seen ever again’ (the idiocy behind that ‘law’ is for another post).

Why does God only answer questions the human asking can answer themselves?  Either Christians are delusional or Jesus is retarded and doesn’t know any answers or Jesus is a prime grade asshole.

Virtually every credible scientist is non-religious. God seems to be giving an awful lot of useful info to atheist scientists and very little to hard-core believers. Why is that? Why would man’s best friend not tell us about germs for nigh on two thousand years, condemning hundreds of millions to pretty hard core suffering simply because of a lack of hand washing? That’s pretty assholish if you ask me. Why would Jesus not tell his bestest friends in the world about anaesthetic, condemning hundreds of millions to suffer agony so severe in the attempt to save their lives that half of them actually died from the shock induced by the horrifying agony? He would need to be a gigantic, prime grade asshole to do that.

Almighty and a complete dick or might he just not exist?