I'm right... everybody else is wrong.

I have found, to my profound surprise that religious people in general know very little about their own religion . They don’t know of the horrors endorsed by it and they don’t know about the idiocy it supports. Or perhaps, somewhere deep down they do know but they do their holy best to ignore it or, even worse, perhaps (or looking at the picture above, sometimes) they do not care… Unsurprisingly, I’ve found they know even less about other religions.

So I ask you, how is it possible for the religious to have the abject arrogance to, from this position of consummate ignorance, tell the rest of us that they are right and everybody else is wrong when they have no idea what we are wrong about or, indeed, what they are supposed to be right about.

So Christian (or insert a suitable  religious label here) … Ever read the Book of Mormon? The Bible? All the versions of the Bible? The Quran? The Bhagavad Gita? No? Then what gives you the impression that you should even be allowed to express an opinion in relation to what is true or not about any religion? If you’ve read none of those books… What do you know about religion?

It’s a question of irony really.

Some more amusing questions to entertain yourself with:

  • Do babies, toddlers and children go to heaven even though they have not accepted Jesus as their personal saviour?
  • If that is the case, why not kill your child and guarantee them entrance to heaven? And why are you so sad when a child dies?
  • If a religious mother’s atheist son goes to hell, does she know he’s being tortured for eternity? Can she hear his wailing and the gnashing of his teeth? Is this not a torture in its self? Is going to heaven torture?
  • Why do mass murderers, rapists, child molesters, fraudsters, thieves, pimps and slavers who accept Jesus as their ‘lord and saviour’ go to heaven but fundamentally good people who do not go to hell to be tortured for eternity?
  • Why do no modern civilisations allow the torture of anybody yet the authority, the alleged yard stick for morality, the apparent ultimate good in the universe not only invented the worst kind of torture imaginable but is going to happily impose it on the vast majority of people who have ever existed, trillions of people?
  • How does it happen that a perfectly good, perfectly loving being (God) create the ultimate evil (hell)? How does a perfectly good being even conceive of such an evil?
  • Do people who were devoutly religious their entire lives and believe in Jesus go to heaven or hell if they, after accidental brain trauma, stop believing in God? What if they become really bad ass and deny the holy spirit repeatedly and swear at Jesus?
  • Do all of the people on the planet who lived between the time of Jesus’s crucifixion and the time when it was possible for everybody on earth to have heard of him go to hell? All the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Australians, Inca’s, Africans, American Indians, Pacific Islanders, who had no chance of knowing about The Almighty Creator of the Universe?
  • Why could the Almighty Creator of The Universe not let everybody on earth learn about Jesus at the same time anyway?
  • Why is the ultimate creator of everything unable to put a reasonably plausible story together? I believe most of On The Origin of Species, why can’t I believe a book written by the alleged creator of the universe?
  • Do mentally handicapped people who never accept Jesus as their ‘personal lord and saviour’ go to hell to be tortured for eternity?
  • Are people who were mentally handicapped from birth also mentally handicapped in heaven?
  • If a person goes to heaven, do they keep all their memories? Even people who go to heaven after Alzheimer’s? Do they get their memories back?
  • If a person with a degenerative brain disorder goes to heaven, do they go as their young brilliant self or their old broken self?
  • If a person who was a good and nice person but changed into a complete asshole due to a brain injury goes to heaven, does he go as the good person or the asshole?
  • If a person who was an asshole but changed into a good and nice person due to a brain injury goes to heaven, does he go as the good person or the asshole?
  • Why does God refuse to give me the information I need to be saved from eternal torture in a way that is believable? Isn’t that evil? He did after all make me a skeptic who prefers empirical evidence.
  • Can you point to the relevant passages in the Bible where these questions are answered?
  • If the Bible doesn’t answer these questions, where should one get the answers from?

I’d love to hear the answers to all of those questions, or, at the very least, what one can do to answer those questions. Let me tell you why I’m pretty sure they can’t be answered: because Bronze Age creation myths are entirely too simplistic, crude and ignorant to take into account the gigantic, virtually unimaginable complexity of reality. There is a very good reason for our modern laws to fill entire libraries with their complicated language defining every last thing in excruciating detail. Because life is complicated and if you want justice you have to define thing in excruciating detail. Could real life be governed by a mere 10 rules, 4 of which mean the same thing? No, which is why we don’t try to. (Ha, more irony, Christians can’t even agree on exactly which lines make up the first ‘4’ commandments. I’m serious, see the Catholic Church vs. virtually all other denominations). Sure, I agree, 5 of them make sense and are generally good principles to apply to life but no religion has a monopoly on them, every civilisation has come up with similar ideas.

There is a direct correlation between the level of education and lack of religious beliefs which stem from the fact that, on average, the more educated a person is the better that person knows which questions religion simply cannot address and which of religions answers are flat-out wrong. A bit of education (usually…) also inevitably helps one understand that there are no questions that we need religion to address.

So, what, do, you, know? Virtually nothing. How can you know more? Science. There is, literally, no other way to reliably (or at all) get to know more. Why does religion try to push science out of the classroom these days? Because the more you know, the less bullshit you believe.

The irony is, the people who claim to have the answers, know the least… and yet are believed by the most.

Enjoy some George Carlin awesomely explaining the 10 commandments