It’s long but totally worth it. It doesn’t even comment on the inherent stupidity of religious beliefs so it won’t offend the delicate sensibilities of the faithful (man I hate that word). It does pretty much call my favourite scam artists, Benny Hinn in particular, what they are. Filthy, lying, despicable scam artists.

Derren Brown is the most awesome. Scuba instructors are also pretty awesome.

Oh, and better watch quickly, I doubt the BBC is going to leave it up for long.

The long and the short is this: Derren Brown selects an average guy, a scuba diving instructor and trains him to be a faith healer, takes him to America and gets him to put on a faith healing show. Which he does and people believe him.

The point? Faith healing is an obvious scam and millions (Americans and Africans mostly, go figure) fall for it all the time. It’s evil.

That is all.