What IS the opposite of writers block then anyway? The reason I haven’t been posting much is not so much a lack of time; this weekend I had plenty. My problem is I have so much to say on so many topics I’m scared of starting because what I have to say doesn’t fit into a blog post. Or six. And I know from previous experience the average person landing on this page doesn’t get through 5,000 word posts.

I could write a book I suppose but to be honest, I don’t actually have the time for that much writing at the moment.

For example, I have a bunch of stuff I want to say on contradictions in the Bible (manifold contradictions). I have a bit to say about the cognitive dissonance of the average Christian religiot. I have some things I’d like to cover around the idiocy of the argument between Harris and Craig.

Take the Harris vs. Craig debate as an example. The topic was “Is Good From God”.  A vaguely interesting question but fundamentally stupid. Which god are you talking about? I get “good”. I get the concept(s) of “god”. But asking if good comes from god without specifying which god exactly seems to me to be rather stupid. You have to ask because “good” coming from “a god” is a non starter, it is a pointless question. The answer to which is yes, it comes from the Flying Spaghetti Monster which is awesome. Case closed. But not really.

So, if you then venture into tricky space and say “good” is from the Christian god then you have the mighty large problem explaining why Hindu’s, Muslims, Africans, South Americans, Australians, Chinese and strange little Eskimos are also good never having heard of the Christian god.  Oh, and then there’s the legions of good atheists too. Fancy that.

So what then? The Christian God makes good even when you don’t know he exists? And don’t get me started on the things in the Bible classified as ‘good’! Slavery anyone?!? Gah! The stupid! It burns!

Perhaps I’ll get to writing something constructive this weekend. Perhaps.