Homoeopathy, it’s a load of crap. Oh, there are a couple of other ways to say that but it comes down to the same thing. Horse shit or magic vibrations, doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t work. Believe it does work? Then make a million US dollars by proving to James Randi and the world that it does. Or… don’t bother with a million bucks because selling the shit is making you way more.

This is what PZ Myers has to say about “Faith in homoeopathy“:

Those two wretched words are “faith” and “homeopathy”. Please go kill it. Kill it, then burn it, then piss on the ashes, then use the ashes to fertilize a field and grow a tall stand of grass, then burn that, and then use the field as a fecal lagoon where you toss the waste from raising pigs, which you turn into bacon, thereby salvaging something useful from it.

How I laugh. That’s why PZ Myers is high up on the list of people I’d like to meet! He is filled with so much awesome that often some of that awesome spills onto his keyboard and produces treasures like the quote above.

“Faith” and “homoeopathy”, the refuge of the desperate ignorant.