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I toyed around with the idea of not writing anything further for a while but some comments on the Project Reason website convinced me otherwise.

First, let me state that the contradictions in the Bible are manifold (see picture above). Immediately apologists try to point out that there are errors in the contradiction list, that some of those contradictions aren’t, like, you know, actual contradictions because the context makes <insert contradiction in error here> actually mean something completely different to what the words on the page say. You know?

The point is though, that at face value, the one verse contradicts the other verse and to be totally fair, even if 90% of the contradictions above are complete bullshit you still have a ‘holy book’ contrived by the ‘almighty creator of the universe’ that is filled with contradictions.

A Christian, upon seeing this poster should do what Christians do and stick their heads back in the sand and ignore it. Why? Because doing that looks a lot less stupid than trying to make the argument that: Yahweh, almighty, all-knowing, all-powerful deity, created an entire universe ninety-four billion light years across with hundreds of thousands of galaxies and trillions of stars and gazillions of planets with one planet in particular populated by millions of species of animal  but he can’t get a thousand pages of non contradictory text published? Give a deity a freaking break will you.

What freaks me out is that there are a billion people on the planet who cannot actually see the problem with that.

Anyway, check out Project Reason, there are lots of good things there: http://www.project-reason.org/about/