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Kidding right? Nope. Plan “A” to revive Catholicism is to revive the art of exorcism. To be fair, they are allegedly “overwhelmed” by requests from the general public who fear they have been “possessed” by the devil.

How am I or any other rational person supposed to take people seriously who believe in this shit, I ask with tears in my eyes? (And if you’re a Christian of any form it’s a bit of a catch 22 since Jesus cast out demons it MUST be true right? Right.)

What we have here is cause and effect. You teach people to believe bullshit, blindly from birth and they will believe any old bullshit their fear clouded minds come up with.

I guess it’s a typical strategy, especially in the US of A. Teach people to not think critically, scare the shit out of them and they will do exactly as you tell them.

I have a thought: how about the Catholic church stop raping children and hiding the offenders first and THEN try to convince their sheep to come back and hand their money over

“The ordinary work of the Devil is temptation,” he said, “and the ordinary response is a good spiritual life, observing the sacraments and praying. The Devil doesn’t normally possess someone who is leading a good spiritual life.”

Well, no. The Devil doesn’t possess anybody… ever. And the “ordinary” response to any claims of possession is to loudly exclaim “BULLSHIT” and demand the fucking EVIDENCE.

Happy Sunday.