I have to admit, I miss George Carlin and I have no idea what brought that up. Whilst considering what to post about, I just though, George Carlin, he was nice, I miss him, pity he’s dead. His kind of humour certainly wasn’t for everybody but I loved that bitter, sour old bastard. He was famous for his black humour and his views on politics, religion, American life and culture and a whole list of taboo things. He placed second in Comedy Central’s list of 100 greatest comedians at one point.

George was (luckily? unluckily?) born to Roman Catholic parents of Irish descent in New York City. This seems to have displeased him somewhat. (something about Irish Catholic in New York?).

Carlin’s material falls under one of three self-described categories: “the little world” (observational humor), “the big world” (social commentary), and the peculiarities of the English language (euphemisms, doublespeak, business jargon); all sharing the overall theme of (in his words) “humanity’s bullshit”, which might include murder, genocide, war, rape, corruption, religion and other aspects of human civilization.

He appeared in several films throughout his career, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Scary Movie 3 and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (as well as Bogus Journey) among others. He was also in a bunch of TV shows. The George Carlin Show being one of them. Coincidence? Perhaps.

George Carlin died on June 22, 2008 at 5:55pm from heart failure and the world has been a poorer place since. Thank god (heh) for YouTube; through it, people like George Carlin may never really die.

I enjoy what the guy said and I really enjoyed how he said it, he was amusing. Anyway, here are some of my favourite Carlin comedies:

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