See, I didn’t put a number next to that one. Hmm, which gave me an idea, perhaps this will turn into a series where I will re-post all the Userfriendly cartoons, a whole month’s worth for every post… wonder if Illiad would mind and if he’s made 52 months worth of cartoons.

The pictures here are of my more favourite on-line cartoons and I found these amusing. I think the odds are very much in favour of you having seen these cartoons, so if you have, please proceed calmly to another section of the site where drinks will be served. Right? Right.

Jesus and Mo
The Far Left Side
Original cartoon at:

Ain't that the gods own truth

Anybody who’s been paying attention know my feelings on this particular fool. For enlightenment on this topic:
PHD Comics
Original cartoon at:

Social commentary much?

I love xkcd, much.

For the Inca nobility the llama were of symbolical significance and llama figures were often buried with the dead.

Some more web comics, you can vote for your favourite here:

“Devil’s Panties”“Devin Crane”“Eric Monster Millikin”“Girl Genius” ;“Girls With Slingshots”“Hark! A Vagrant”“Jesus and Mo” “Kevin and Kell”“Least I Could Do”“Navy Bean”“The New Adventures of Queen Victoria”“Order of the Stick” “Penny Arcade”“Perry Bible Fellowship”“Pibgorn”“PvP”“Questionable Content”“Red String” ;“Schlock Mercenary” “Sinfest”“UserFriendly.Org”“xkcd.”