HootSuite is pretty cool and pretty useful but I think the TweetDeck interface is nicer even though it lacks some of HootSuite functionality (and obviously HootSuite lacks some TweetDeck functionality).

The real reason I looked at HootSuite is because they just recently integrated WordPress functionality into it. My first thought was, cool, all four major social networking tools I use in one application. And since I use Chrome as my web browser, I can set HootSuite (like I do GMail, Google Analytics, Google Reader etc.) to launch like an application, which I have pinned to my task bar, making it feel like any normal application (possibly one of my favourite features of Chrome).

So I made this post in HootSuite (to start with) but realised that we’re back to square one then as far as setting a decent subject, selecting categories and keywords go. In the end it is much the same as posting from an email, with an email having the added advantage of being able to specify a subject.

HootSuite has a couple of features that TweetDeck really needs: scheduled tweets and Facebook status updates and the ability to have multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts from a single interface. I also like the way HootSuite works with tabs, TweetDeck could use some of that.

I’ll keep an eye on HootSuite but I don’t think I’ll be dumping TweetDeck for it and the WordPress integration isn’t nearly good enough for me to stop using the WordPress interface for that.

I hope the guys at TweetDeck are paying attention though, because I would hate to see them fall behind, they have done good work with their product so far.