I have come to the conclusion that people (ok, *other* people) don’t read blogs on Saturdays. The lowest number of visits on my blog is on a Saturday. The only reason for this I can come up with is that people must be reading this blog while they are supposed to be working. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a million people reading my brain farts than being productive any day, but what does that say about the 3 people who come here regularly? Ok, one of them is probably my wife, so what does that say about the other two people?

Anyway, nobody reads this crap on a weekend anyway so I am really just posting for the sake of posting. Keeping my killer Ninja Pirate blogging skills honed for the times where I need to slap magnum opus style posts together in a hurry. What? Don’t you?

Here is a nice picture of a llama to entertain you:

Lucky Llama

I'm so freaking happy its weekend!

Llamas have an unusual reproductive cycle for a large animal. Female llamas are induced ovulators. Through the act of mating, the female releases an egg and is often fertilized on the first attempt. Female llamas do not go into “heat” or have an estrus cycle.