If you had been paying attention, you will know that I am a Red Bull fanboy. I love (and live on) the 200ml of delicious caffeinated goodness and Fridays call for a special celebration (because it’s Friday and you survived another bloody week…).

Also, it does help that Red Bull is such a freaking cool company and I like freaking cool, a lot. They sponsor a lot of extreme sports and insanely crazy shit. How crazy? Take this little project for example:

Red Bull Stratos: http://www.redbullstratos.com

Basically, Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner have put together a plan to skydive from, wait for it, 120 000 feet. One hundred and twenty thousand feet or about 36 576 meters. To put that number into perspective, that is 4.5 times higher than Everest, four times higher than a commercial airliner flies, about the distance between Johannesburg and Pretoria, straight up. They take a huge helium balloon up to altitude and then Felix just… steps off into the dead quiet. The only way Felix will be able to tell if he’s falling in the deafening silence is the receding balloon…

The free fall portion is expected to last for about 5 minutes 35 seconds and the entire trip about 15 minutes from when he steps off till he touches down. The planners expect his maximum speed to pass 1 100km per hour, or Mach 1.0

How, freaking, cool, is, that? Very freaking cool. Very.

The world’s highest skydive is something I have been interested in and that I have followed for… a long time, almost as long as I wanted to skydive, which must have been since around the time I started to walk. My chance  to try skydiving came around when I was about 19 or 20. I did 13 jumps before money and bad weather took the wind from my canopy and I can honestly say that jumps number two and thirteen were the most terrifying things I have ever done. Jump number two because you then know what’s going to happen and number thirteen because it was my third jump on that day and my first free fall. Besides for sky diving, I love roller coasters, flying, jumping, hiking, climbing and the idea of everything extreme.

I’ve always had the dream to have the record for the highest skydive and I guess I still have a bit of time left. If Felix manages 120k feet, I guess I’ll just aim for a 140k feet. Right? Right.

Anyway, I hope he does manage it, because it’s freaking cool and I like it when people do freaking cool things, especially dressed in blue, silver and pink.

Drink Red Bull – It’s freaking cool.

Seriously go check out the site, there is a lot of interesting information about the suit, the balloon, the guy, the tech: http://www.redbullstratos.com (You need to have Silverlight installed though)

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