I love Red Bull. Vocally. A lot.

I have a Red Bull almost every day (in the morning) and I have had a Red Bull in 9 different countries. I have had Red Bull without Vodka and Red Bull with Vodka.

I can’t really say why I love Red Bull so much but I have a suspicion it has something to do with the excellently exquisite taste, attractive packaging and the fact that it is probably the coolest brand in the world. I love ‘adventure’ sports almost as much as I love Red Bull (which is to say, a lot).

I mean, can you think of another brand that have such cool Mini convertible sales vehicles? No, you can’t. Red Bull also have an F1 team and an AH-1F Cobra helicopter. You sure you got that? They have an AH-1F Cobra helicopter. Made of Win. Along with Google, they pwn me.

They also have four football clubs, a NASCAR racing team and a hockey team. And they sponsor people who do crazy shit; skydiving, channel crossings, skiing, cliff jumping, base jumping, climbing. Win. Everywhere.

Red Bull may be a bit pricey, but honestly, who wouldn’t take out a couple of bucks to get the best? Nobody, that’s who.

What I find really interesting is when people warn me of the health hazards of drinking Red Bull. I find it a little strange and perhaps just a little hypocritical. Allegedly, drinking a Red Bull a day may be bad for me. Perhaps. I drink a Red Bull every day, followed by 2 litres of water. I drink virtually no coffee or tea or anything else for that matter. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, exercise every day and I don’t do any drugs. And you, who does smoke, drink, drink coffee and get no exercise  feel you can advise me as to the dangers that 200ml of soft drink hold for me? Seriously. Research much?

I aspire to one day be given money from Red Bull. Possibly when I am a famous blogger they will appreciate my relentless plugging of their product. Perhaps when I try to break the world record for most skydives in a day they will sponsor me. Ok, I’ll settle for some branded clothing dammit. A shirt perhaps?

This post should have been on Friday, since Friday is the holy Red Bull day, celebrated with a cold can of Red Bull. Hamish insists that you do.

Thank Hamish For Red Bull. THFRB.

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