I had an iPhone 3G not too long ago and it was great. I was then forced to part with it and I have missed it sorely since. I have been using a really crappy Sony Eriksson since that sad day and it’s getting to the point now where that has to change.

There are, in my mind, 3 realistic options at moment (or there will be soon anyway): the Apple iPhone 3GS, the Google Nexus One and the Nokia N900.

Since I had an iPhone before, which I loved, quite frankly, I know I won’t be disappointed. I have two gripes with it: it’s insanely expensive here and I don’t have a Mac to develop software for it on. And I have no plans for acquiring a Mac any time soon. It’s not a train smash but I do like the tinker sometimes. The technical specs are pretty good, 844 MHz CPU, 256 Mb RAM, 7.2 Mb HSDPA, 3 mega pixel camera.

I’ve been waiting for proper news on the Google Nexus One for a while now and from what I have seen, it looks to be an excellent phone. I don’t personally know anybody that has one yet, so all I have to go on so far are reviews. The technical specs for it look great, to be honest: 1 GHz CPU, 800 x 480 screen, 5 mega pixel camera, 512 Mb RAM and 7.2 Mb HSDPA. This is all good, all, good.

The Nokia N900 from Nokia is interesting, it has an actual keyboard. My experience with the iPhone was that an on-screen keyboard is passable until you have an SSH terminal open and are trying to work. At that point, it gets a bit painful. I am a bit worried at the quality of Nokia phones lately, my wife has had many issues with her E71. From a spec point of view it seems ok, 800 x 480 display, 256 Mb RAM, 600 MHz CPU with graphics accelerator, 7.2 Mb HSDPA.

What is causing me to think about the situation is that both Nokia’s S60 and Google’s Android have Python support. I have recently started programming in Python and are loving it very much. Objective C, on the other hand, I have had an unpleasant encounter with, which doesn’t matter since I don’t plan on buying a Mac any time soon. If I were to be given one, on the other hand…

The Nexus One isn’t available here yet but I can already see that the price for it will be somewhat lower than the iPhone and will, it seems, be available unlocked by default.

On pure specs then, and programming language support, the Nexus One would beat the iPhone in my books and I am a Google fanboy, no doubt about that.  The problem is I don’t know how well the Android OS stacks up against the iPhone OS – which is excellent.

What I really need is to find me somebody who owns an iPhone and now a Nexus One. If you happen to be in that situation, let me know, I would love to know what your experience with them are.

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