I’ve run out of day again without managing to write a constructive Blog Post of Ranged Critical Strike Damage +150%  or something. I also have only slept for half an hour in two days so I am having a hard time even finding myself amusing. Harsh.

Anyway, I almost made Blog Milestone Number Two today (starting an actual civilised discussion) with the Blog Milestone Number One post. Thanks to Christopher and  Shamelessly Atheist for posting civilised comments, I appreciate it. Perhaps another couple people would like to share their views and help check number two off the list? Anybody? *echo* *echo*

Oh, and how cool, I quoted Danny Thorpe in Computer Quote of the day 0x06 and he saw the post and commented on it. Cool. I wonder if PZ Myers has ever said anything computer related…

Llamas have a fine undercoat which can be used for handicrafts and garments.