I love shopping at ThinkGeek and I’ve shopped there many times before. My wife literally has to hold me back from bankrupting us on that site, such is the level of my geek.

Some of the stuff I have had those guys send me include (but are not limited to):

When I started this post I had no intention of saying anything other than ThinkGeek is made of win but I realise now that it sounds more like an advert than a blog post.

Well, it’s meant to be an advert, in so far as that I personally think ThinkGeek is great and that everybody should buy from them. I did. Today. A whole *bunch* of T-Shirts, much to the dismay of my wife, who is now much poorer in cash but much richer in geek awesomeness (yes, I bought her some also).

ThinkGeek does not (yet) sell any llama apparel.