I guess the name of the blog is a bit strange because I rarely get furious. Or llama like. I do enjoy spitting at people occasionally.

Today though, today I got furious and I think that anybody who has had to endure the William Nicol off ramp during peak hour could probably sympathise. It’s not the queueing for two kilometres before the off ramp that’s the problem. The 32C heat was OK, the traffic light being broken, I could live with.

The *assholes* that skip the queue and push in at the front causing an extra two lanes to be blocked on the highway and doubling *my* time to get off the damn highway, that, makes me furious. Furious enough that I seriously considered getting out of my car and beating the asshole driver of a white windscreen repair pickup. Asshole. I hope bad things happen to you guy, in a-fucking-bundance.

Taxi’s make me furious, but I can almost understand where they are coming from. These other dooses in the normal cars skipping past the rest of us and forcing themselves on somebodies goodness in front to be let in where they should not be, they make me furious and I would spit at the bastards given half a chance. If you are one of those cocks, please, do us all a favour and off yourself now. Post a comment here before you do, there will be honorary mentions of your name and the asshole that was removed from the gene pool.

Respect the llama, or the llama will find you.